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The Doctor May Ask You

End of life care decisions are a difficult topic to broach, but are decisions that most likely we will all face at some point in our lives.  As a family member, I myself have been faced with the life threatening medical circumstances of my own loved ones and as a physician I have walked countless families through the trying season of making urgent medical decisions for those they hold dearest.  For each patient, a myriad of thoughts and questions go into how we deal with these typically urgent, life and death decisions.  And how does our relationship with God play a role in this process?  I wanted to share the dialogue of this article in hopes that it may spur you on towards having these discussions early with your family so that you can confidently represent them should the need arise.  May the insight and questions mentioned here be beneficial wherever you may be in this process. 

Steven Manning, MD Dr. Manning is lead physician and owner of AccessMedicine, our areas first Direct Primary Care medical practice.

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