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COVID19 Vaccination Update

As many of you know, COVID19 vaccination is underway. We are working diligently with the state to procrure the vaccination as soon as it is available to local practices to administer. We do not know when that may be. Currently, our only location to obtain the vaccine is through the MTW District Health Department

Here is the latest on the vaccination schedule from our Health Director, Wes Gray, MAS, MPA, MPH: 

Phase 1 remains the same: healthcare workers and long-term care staff and residents.

Phase 2 now includes adults 65 and older.

Phase 3 is frontline essential workers.

Phase 4 is Adults at high risk for exposure.

Phase 5 includes everyone.

"It needs to be stressed that this is a 4 to 5 month rollout based on statewide weekly allocations of vaccine. We are continuing to vaccinate healthcare workers and 75 and above patients. The main shift is that we will now be prioritizing people over 65 as we schedule appointments. We will continue to register healthcare workers, anyone over 65, and essential workers using the following link:

Anyone who has filled out our Survey monkey link as an “essential worker” does not have to fill out this survey since we already have your information and are working on getting everyone on that list registered in the COVID vaccine management system."

More updates to come so stay tuned!

Dr. Manning

Steven Manning, MD Dr. Manning is lead physician and owner of AccessMedicine, our areas first Direct Primary Care medical practice.

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