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Direct Primary Care & Family Medicine located in Williamston, NC

Are you ready for a real meaningful change? Steven Manning, MD, and his team at AccessMedicine, which includes in-house health coach Candi Manning, offers a simple and easy-to-follow program to help transform your health one habit at a time. They provide one-on-one health coaching using the proven OPTAVIA® life-transforming system. To learn more about health coaching at AccessMedicine and how it can help you, call the Williamston or Washington, North Carolina office, or request an appointment online today.


What is health coaching?

When it comes to your health, you are your best advocate. However, when you’re trying to improve your health, you may struggle with where to start or how to stay motivated. 


Health coaching at AccessMedicine provides you with the tools and encouragement you need, so you can achieve your health goals and live your best life. 


The direct care family practice has partnered with OPTAVIA, a weight-loss program that supports your desire for better health by helping you make small, manageable habits that over time adds up to a complete life transformation. 


OPTAVIA uses time-tested healthy fuelings, which provide a balanced amount of calories and micronutrients to make both weight loss and optimal health a reality for you.

What are the benefits of health coaching?

The health coaching at AccessMedicine offers many benefits. It’s easy to follow, fits into any lifestyle, and provides you with the ongoing guidance and encouragement you need from an experienced health coach. 


Other benefits of health coaching and the OPTAVIA program include:


  • Assists in maintaining blood sugar levels
  • Keeps hunger at bay
  • Helps you keep your metabolism active


The best part of the health coaching with OPTAVIA is that the program helps you lose the weight while at the same time increasing your energy and vitality. 

What can I expect when participating in health coaching?

Health coaching at AccessMedicine closely follows the components set by the OPTAVIA program, which is based on 40 years of experience and research. The components include:


  • One-on-one health coaching support
  • Optimal weight loss program
  • Education
  • Optimal health community


As your health coach, Ms. Manning works closely with you throughout your transformation, providing you with the education you need to make the necessary simple, yet effective, changes for better overall health. She also helps you get through any hurdles you may face along the way.


To make meal planning easy, OPTAVIA offers ready-made meals, shakes, and snacks, so your body gets exactly what it needs to lose weight and improve overall health. 


AccessMedicine is excited to help you get you to where you want to go. All you need to do is take the first step. To start your health coaching, call your nearest office, or request an appointment online today.